Lefto presents Jazz Cats

Compiled by Belgian DJ and eclectic connoisseur Lefto, ‘Jazz Cats’ showcases the next generation of Belgian jazz artists including the psychedelic jazz-fusion collective BRZZVLL, the outrageous BeraadGeslagen, radical experimentalists Steiger, electro-acoustic pian trio De Beren Gieren and futuristic funksters, STUFF.

Undeniably, jazz has been seen a revival in the last 5 to 10 years. It was never far away, be it hip hop, trip hop, dance music – it was Always present, but for at least a decade, it got lost in ‘fusion’, mixed with different gernes of music, most of them influenced by jazz at the origin.

Jazz was always that gerne that represented the era of our parents or grand-parents but the music got picked up by a new generation of artists and musicians who would perfom jazz and hip hop covers that played true to the original sounds of jazz. Artists from around the world to Belgium, band like BADBADNOTGOOD and STUFF. have brought jazz to basements, bars and clubs where a young and open-minded crowd in search for inspiration would gather to dance to organic music.

Today, we see a resurgance of jazz, unsupported from the traditional radio play but picked up by press, promoters and specialized shows. The jazz music lover (in many of us) is living in a exceptional time.

Growing up around jazz, my father would wake me up with it and he would take me to dark and smokey bars around town where jazz was played every week, so it’s with extreme pleaseure that i present to you some of the best present and next generation jazz cats this little country has to offer.

– Lefto.

Sdban records will release Lefto Presents Jazz Cats on October 5th, 2018


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Watch A Video Of Jeff Mills’ New Jazz Supergroup, Spiral Deluxe

Spiral Deluxe is the band creation of Jeff Mills that consist of Keyboardist Yumiko Ohno, Bassist Kenji “Jino” Hino, Keyboardist Gerald Mitchell and Percussionist and Drummer Jeff Mills. The formation of a “Super” Band had been in planning Axis Records for many years and now its here! Each member of the quartet brings each of their vast musical experience to the equation that creates a pathway to the future of Electronic Jazz. Out Sept 2018. Video by Les Films de Morphee.

See full length video version of “Paris Roulette” From Spiral Deluxe album “Voodoo Magic”.

Axis Records will release Voodoo Magic on September 7, 2018

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Full stream of Arabstazy’s new album Under Frustration LP

Arabstazy Showcases the Sound of North African & Middle Eastern Electronic Music.

Arabstazy, a multidisciplinary project dedicated to assembling boundary-pushing electronic musicians of North African and Middle Eastern backgrounds, takes its name from a portmanteau of “Arab” and “ecstasy,” and the combination of those two words offers a clue to the group’s mission. The Lyon, France-based Tunisian producer Shamseddine Omoku, aka Mettani, started the collective as a live project, an outgrowth of his record label, Shouka. His aim was to create a new, multifaceted live experience for audiences, while also reassessing the cultural identities of artists with backgrounds in the MENA region, battling the false Western tendency to treat those countries as a homogenous whole. While Arabstazy’s music bears the region’s unmistakable sonic fingerprint—the twang of an oud, distinctly non-Western scales, some unmistakably Arabic singing—it pairs them with chunky electronic beats and fat basslines.

“The aim is to give what we believe is an accurate image of what the electronic music production in these countries is,” says Mettani, who mostly met and organized Arabstazy’s growing roster online. “The basic statement is that these countries are all very different—so different that it’s hard to find the connection between them. Simplification, especially when it comes to identity, is very dangerous.” Read more.

Shouka will release Under Frustration Vol. 1 on July 13, 2018.

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Berlin minimal veteran Efdemin goes Against The Clock

Efdemin has been a staple is the Berlin minimal scene since the turn of the millennium. Releasing music on labels like Dial and Curle Recordings, the Panorama Bar DJ hasn’t showed any signs of stopping since.

FACT visited Efdemin in his Berlin studio to see what he could do in 10 minutes. During the session, he loaded up a barrage of sounds using a vintage sampler and engaged his variety of different drum machines and bits of modular gear.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this one. Press play and enjoy.

Efdemin’s Naïf album is out now on Curle Recordings.

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Preview Oscar Mulero’s new album

Oscar Mulero’s contribution to the Token catalogue goes all the way back to 2008. The ferocious Take Seven EP was the start of a longstanding partnership between the label and artist. Between this first release and the more recent Suborbital Trajectories EP, Mulero also provided Token with 2 releases as Spherical Coordinates, producing sophisticated big room and bleep tracks. Through his lengthy and prolific career, Mulero has not contented himself with producing dancefloor tools alone. The full-length Perfect Peace, released in March this year on Semantica, demonstrates this well, with Autechre and Aphex-flecked IDM and electronica sounds dominating the work.

The new Electric Shades EP opens and closes with sci-fi theatrics also operates with the solid functionality of Mulero’s earlier work. The Voyage is agitated and bleepy while heavy roller Signal Trace plays deeper with similar themes. Triad and Extension too are weighty highlights, affording the record plenty of utilitarian benefit for DJs and home listening enthusiasts alike.

Listen to previews below

Token will release Electric Shades on June 22nd, 2018.


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Music Mania & Indica Dubs reveals first three releases on new reggae reissue label, Mania Dub

Duplates from The Disciples, Alpha & Omega, and Bush Chemists will hit the shelves before July.

Mania Dub, a new reggae reissue label founded by Karel Van Audenaerde and Indica Dubs, has announced its first three releases.

Karel Van Audenaerde is founder of Belgian’s Music Mania record store, and along with Sukh, the man behind Indica Dubs, a UK based, Dub/Roots Label, Music Producer, Sound System and Record Shop. A renowed reggae enthusiast, he has built up a large and impressive catalogue of releases and played events all over the world.

Mania Dub will be dedicated to high-quality vinyl reissues, with special focus on 80’s & 90’s anthems, as well as releasing new material.

The first Mania Dub 10″ is The Disciples’s Almighty Dub due out May 25. Alpha & Omega’s Rastafari/Word of Thy Mouth 10″, and Light Up Your Spliff LP by the Bush Chemists will follow in June.

Mania Dub will release Almighty Dub on May 25th, Rastafari on June 8th and Light Up Your Spliff on June 22nd, 2018.


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