French producer Kavinsky gets back behind the wheel

Breakthrough single Nightcall may have boxed its creator in, but his first album in nearly nine years offers new avenues to explore

Turn down the lights and put your sunglasses on. It’s time to don your best red leather jacket and get in a neon mood, because everyone’s favorite late-night dance super hero is back. Kavinsky is the neo-noir French touch master who gave the world the 2010 classic Nightcall, and he’s back from an extended hiatus with a slew of sensual sounds. Reborn is recorded at the famous Motorbass studio in Paris and contributions from Cautious Clay, Victor Le Masne and Justice’s Gaspard Augé. On Reborn, Kavinsky amplifies these sounds without deviating from his relentless trajectory.

Listen to Renegade ft. Cautious Clay


A1. Pulsar
A2. Reborn [ft. Romuald]
A3. Renegade [ft. Cautious Clay]
B1. Trigger
B2. Goodbye [ft. Sébastien Tellier]
B3. Plasma [ft. Morgan Phalen]
C1. Cameo [ft. Kareen Lomax]
C2. Zenith [ft. Prudence and Margan Phalen]
C3. Vigilante [ft. Morgan Phalen]
D1. Zombie
D2. Outsider
D3. Horizon

Reborn is out now on Record Makers.

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Stop, Look, Listen by Raphaël

Sdban Records is delighted to announce the reissue of this genre-defying jazz album originally released on library label Selection Records in 1972.

An American pianist, who played with Charlie Parker, a mainstay of the bebop scene in the 50s who moved to Belgium in the 60s where he spun jazz genres with theatre and opera. This record reissued by Sdban is unlikely few records we’ve heard, it’s a bop record, it’s a piano record with elements of a dark European jazz funk but it’s also a spiritual operatic album and theatrical without being overwrought or stuffy. 

For those who dig: European dark jazz with an operatic spirituality but also a late night piano jazz sound.

Delving into the story of the American pianist and composer Phil Raphaël reveals more questions than answers. He was born in New York where he played with Charlie Parker, Jon Eardley and Howard McGhee, but a 1951 recording with Red Rodney for Prestige Records is the single remaining trace of his bebop days. Raphaël appeared under unknown circumstances in Belgium in the 1960s, playing among others at the 1966 Jazz Bilzen festival, and he eventually settled in Brussels. A multifaceted musician, he did not limit himself to jazz and also worked in pop groups, directed the music for the spectacle Hair, and even had a brief residency at Pol’s Jazz Club where he played the music of Johann Sebastian Bach four nights per week.

His album Stop, Look, Listen, which was recorded with the rhythm section of Babs Robert’s group, consists of four long genre-defying tracks colored by the dreamlike vocals of opera singer Rose Thompson. A surreal blend of genres, hard to pin down. It’s highly imaginative jazz, that much is sure. Raphaël shifts from serene late night piano jazz to more free or even spiritual passages, magnificently paired with the otherworldly vocals of Rose Thompson. The LP was put out by Selection Records, a label that primarily issued library music at the time, and thus went largely unnoticed upon release. The recording makes clear that Phil Raphaël was a highly gifted artist whose talent will forever remain undervalued, since it was his only effort as a leader. Raphaël’s passage through the Belgian nightlife was just as mysterious as his music, and few people seem to remember him. Drummer Bruno Castellucci describes him as remarkable, both as a musician and as a person: “He was a hippie before there were hippies. He wasn’t part of the system but he had a system of his own.”

Sdban Records will release Stop, Look, Listen on May 20th, 2022

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First-ever vinyl outing for Patty Waters’s 1970 astonishing jazz album

First time release on vinyl of the breathtaking songs Patty Waters recorded with engineer Steve Atkins in 1970 at the Coast Recordings studio, together with the unreleased single My One And Only Love and a recorded live session at Lone Mountain College in 1974.

The album You Loved Me is the missing link between her two groundbreaking pioneering and highly acclaimed ESP-Disk records from the end of the 60’s and her post 90’s releases. The missing link between the radical ingenue of the 1960s and her late 90’s songs wherein she expressed the resolution of all of her life’s moments through mature readings of traditional songs and jazz standards. This collection aims to provide that missing link and to finally complete the picture of her storied recording career.

In what would have been her third LP, the You Loved Me album serves as the inverse of Patty’s debut. While her debut Sings concerned itself with themes of heartbreak, loneliness and yearning, there’s an abundance of love, joy and togetherness on You Loved Me.

Or in Patty’s own words:

“I was a young girl alone at age 19, I was longing for love and dreaming of how wonderful love could be”

On You Loved Me Patty Waters velvet voice captures this longing for love, straight from her soul to your heart. Crossing the border of the avant garde jazz entering a strange zone, somewhere between spiritual jazz, early folk vibes on the songs on the A-sides while the 14 minute composition ‘Touched By Rodin In A Paris Museum’ on the B-side is (dixit David Stubbs for Uncut in 2004) a brilliant extended showcase for the uneasy Cageian minimalism of her piano playing.

You Loved Me proves also again why Albert Ayler introduced her to ESP-Disk president Bernard Stollman, impressed Miles Davis, Pharoah Sanders and Henry Grimes with her concerts and can count Patti Smith and Yoko Ono (to name a few) amongst her fans.


A1. Patty Waters – I Love You Honey
A2. Patty Waters – At Last I Found You
A3. Patty Waters – Love Is The Warmth Of Togetherness
A4. Patty Waters – Please Make Love To Me
A5. Patty Waters – At Last I Know (I Belong To You)
A6. Patty Waters – My One And Onely Love*
A7. Patty Waters – My Man’s Gone Now
B1. Patty Waters – Touched By Rodin In A Paris Museum
B2. Patty Waters – Moon Don’t Come Up Tonight (Live At Lone Mountain College)
B3. Patty Waters – I Love You Honey (Live At Lone Mountain College)

*Previously unreleased

Cortizona will release You Loved Me on May 13th, 2022

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Stream The Irresistible Force vs Ramjac Corporation’s historical live recording at The Brain Club

A real slice of UK ambient-house history surfaces for the first time.

Yet another nugget on Musique Pour La Danse, ‘Live at The Brain 1990’ pays witness to two of the UK’s leading acid house pioneers steering the sound into new horizons to a crowd of some 50 heads at a gallery-cum-club-cum-bar owned by Sean McLusky and Mark Wigan. The hour long flow of glistening pulses and polychromatic melody is testament to the energy and innovative tekkerz of its makers as much as the UK zeitgeist in 1990, pairing sampled and sequenced beats with live instrumental overdubs and FX in a fresh and driving style that was spawned for the rave and would would go on to inform so much electronic music in its wake.

As the shaman of ambient music, DJ/producer/critic/writer Mixmaster Morris surely needs little introduction, while his accomplice Paul Chivers aka Ramjac Corporation is legendary for his early releases with Irdial and for playing at many key events from the Summer of Love in 1988 and beyond (Sunrise, Energy and Back To The Future), plus touring with Orbital, The Shaman and Morris’ Irresistible Force. Both were regulars at The Brain and this LP offers historic documentation of their shared vision for electronic music, marrying rolling drum machines with computer-chopped breaks, diced samples, and in-the-moment improvisation in a way that clearly marks the point where acid house and rave’s Chicago, Detroit and NYC inspirations gave way to a flux on influence from psychedelic rock, new age, and dub, paralleling efforts of Fabio & Grooverider at Rage, but with their own, lusher flex.

Stream the mix

Musique Pour La Danse will release Live At The Brain on March 25th

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Sdban reissues Solis Lacus’s 1975 Belgian jazz masterpiece

Sdban Records will reissue several installments of the legendary library series ‘A Special Radio ~ TV Record’ on vinyl. These were originally released on Belgian imprint ‘Selection Records’ between 1975 and 1981. N°15 in the series was the Belgian milestone jazz album ‘Solis Lacus’ released in 1975

Solis Lacus is the cult group around renowned Belgian pianist Michel Herr, a pioneer of electric jazz in the 70’s in Europe. Michel Herr rose to international prominence after winning the first prize at the jazz festival in Loosdrecht, The Netherlands, in 1971. He accompanied many European and American jazz stars on foreign tours and ran the group Jazztrack with saxophone player Wolfgang Engstfeld in Germany. At the same time, he set up his own band Solis Lacus, which consisted of Belgian musicians who had all made a name for themselves on the national jazz scene of the 1960s including Richard Rousselet and Bruno Castelluci both from Placebo. Inspired by the reigning jazz-rock sound of the day, Herr expanded his musical vocabulary and started to play electronic keyboards. Solis Lacus recorded its only album in the course of 1974 and 1975, before the members of the group headed in their own direction. These were originally released on Belgian imprint ‘Selection Records’ between 1975 and 1981. N°15 in the series was the Belgian milestone jazz album ‘Solis Lacus’ released in 1975.

Solis Lacus is considered the European counterpart to sound experimentations of Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters, or the best albums of the CTI label such as Freddie Hubbard. This is groundbreaking, experimental and funky jazz fusion!

Sdban will release Solis Lacus on March 3rd, 2022

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Welcome to Cod3 QR: Music to arouse curiosity

After ending 2021 with a big announcement that Laurent Garnier and Scan X were the masterminds behind the label, we start the new year with our 11th release being the labels first ‘artist code’ album! Once again a focus on eclecticism, open-mindedness, divergence and non-conformity. Expect to hear a wide range of electronic music from House, Techno, Electro, and even Drum n Bass carefully selected by Monsieur’s Garnier and X.

Cod3 QR wants to remain free of all expectations and all prejudices because only one thing counts for us : the music, The Music, THE MUSIC in every shape and form!

Past releases include music from Laurent Garnier, Speaking Minds & Amarcord, Scan X, Diego Infanzon Agents of Time, JoeFarr, Nicolas Bougaieff, Madben, CYRK, Biz and rising talents Works of Intent aka R.O.S.H, LOIS, Softly & Voltaire.

Dive in to their multi-artist releases.


A1. Artist Code 524F53 – Fully Focused
A2. Artist Code 4B4D59 – Dong
A3. Artist Code 4A4F41 – Echo Of The Mountains
B1. Artist Code 4C4F4C – Melancolia
B2. Artist Code 4D422E – Keep On Holding
B3. Artist Code 54502E feat. Artist Code 414C4C – Predilection For Doing Wrong
C1. Artist Code 505245 – Marcelo
C2. Artist Code 433243 – Body & Soul
C3. Artist Code 415448 – Unsen
D1. Artist Code 4C4F49 – Pulsar
D2. Artist Code 4D4144 – Lost In A Parallel Universe

Cod3 QR will release Cod3 QR 011 on March 18th, 2022

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