Who’s Watchin’ Jimmy Edgar

“Who’s Watchin'” Music video for Jimmy Edgar

Saline is the third instalment in a series of records from Ultramajic boss Jimmy Edgar. While the first part, Hot Inside, represented the element of fire, and its follow-up release, Mercurio, symbolized water, Saline is aligned with earth. It’s no accident that the name refers specifically to the earthly compound salt, as desalination is an integral metaphysical process that helps to hone the third eye.

The EP rises from the ashes of Hot Inside and Mercurio with Burn, a blazing acid-tinged banger that boats dry drums and a strangled wail. The reference to fire in the title suggests the evolution of Edgar’s series of singles, while the name of the track Decalcify invokes a process closely related to desalination, as both play a role in making the body more attuned to supernatural experiences. Ultramajic’s Chicago house influence enticed legendary footwork producer DJ Rashad, who’s voice can be heard in the sampled squawk on metallic tune Walk Show. The final track Who’s Watchin, features Jimmy’s own vocal, coy bleep-bloop instrumentation and hissing hi-hats. Taken as a whole, Saline and the other releases in Jimmy’s series of dance singles are designed to instigate the processes they allude to and aid in the path of spiritual development. 12″ vinyl will be released to the stores in October.

Video directed by Brandon Tay

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Joris Voorn album listening session


We’d love to invite you down to the listening Session of Joris Voorn’s forthcoming album “Nobody Knows” this Wednesday at ADE.

Where :: The Dylan Hotel – Panel room D2
When :: Wednesday 15th Oct
What time :: 19.00pm and 19.45pm

Don’t worry if you don’t have a delegate pass for ADE, we can arrange wristbands for entry… It would be fantastic to hear if you’d be up for popping in for a drink, a listen (20min presentation of the album) and chat, as Joris will be taking part in a short Q&A.

With his third studio album the Dutch producer and electronic music innovator provides a seamless fusion of organic and electronic sounds, and despite an array of vocal features, the multilayered, classical ambiences throughout serve as a constant reminder of who is at control of the mixing desk.

If you are interested drop us a line and we can arrange this for you.

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Jeff Mills Is The Man From Tomorrow

The past, present and way beyond with the Man From Tomorrow

Science-fiction, alien invasion, space travel, the distant future: Jeff Mills has tackled lots of heady topics over the years, and with enough gusto and artistry to prove that techno is more than just club music. Mills has been one of the genre’s true originals since its early days in Detroit, where his otherworldly flair behind the decks inspired countless DJs to raise their game. Some 20 years later, Mills is still at techno’s vanguard—technically, stylistically and thematically. It’s hard to think of an artist who better embodies the futuristic, experimental bent of this music, and a new film about Mills, Man From Tomorrow, should only add to his reputation. A meditation on the ideas that have long inspired him, the film puts viewers deep inside Mills’ headspace. The day after the film’s Berlin premiere, Will Lynch sat down with Mills to unpack its themes, and touched on the evolution of DJing, techno and his singular worldview in the process.

You can find the trailer for Man From Tomorrow here.

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