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Crack Mix 075 by Laurent Garnier

Laurent Garnier: beginnings in the legendary Haçienda club in Manchester, scribe of the history of dance music, techno monolith – it’s at this point that one might reach for the phrase ‘needs no introduction’ but maybe it’s a bit late for that.

With five EPs out this year on five labels (Hypercolour, MCDE, Musique Large, Still Music, 50 Weapons) and a sixth release coming (as well as a hefty slab of book, too, hopefully), Garnier has made diversity the key focus for his output. It’s an approach reflected upon both in his mix and throughout our in-depth interview with him, where the veteran French DJ and producer lets off steam about the current musical climate, the contemporary auteurs of electronic music and the recycling of audio culture generally and especially over the last 25 years. There’s also a bit about his new records too.

The two things that drive our lengthy conversation are the stagnation of club culture – the sticking of the needle – and the tightrope of the modern DJ, on one side the devotion to honesty and on the other the necessity of exploration, Garnier’s navigation of which is perhaps one of the reasons why he has enjoyed such a mammoth career.

Read our in-depth interview with Garnier here

Garnier is Back, on F Communications, for the release of the suitably named Home Box.

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