Jeff Mills planning to tour X-102 with Mike Banks

In a forthcoming FACT feature, techno legend Jeff Mills reveals some of his plans for 2015 and 2016.

He and fellow Detroit vet Mike Banks are, Mills reveals, planning to tour their collaborative project X-102 in 2016. The pair are still “figuring out how we would do it”, but the prospect of live revisions of 1992’s landmark X-102 album Discovers the Rings of Saturn should have techno fans’ mouths watering. On top of that, he’s working on a sequel to 2004’s CD/DVD The Exhibitionist.

“We still have a little bit more filming and production to do”, Mills explains, “but it’s going to be very interesting. It still falls in the same line as the first Exhibitionist – it’s an observation about the art form of DJing, but it’s from more different perspective. We cover the art form in a very comprehensive way in the second one, so this probably will be the last one, but it really explains a lot about the mindset and the concepts and the procedure of how a DJ does what he does.”

FACT called up another noted science fiction buff – Scottish musician and designer Konx-om-Pax – to grill Jeff on the subject they both know best.

Jeff Mills’ Woman in the Moon score is out now.

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Sasa (In Flagranti) February 2015 Podcast

Sasa’s podcast for Brooklyn Bass

A deep lover of the Italian cosmic disco scene from the late 70’s and 80’s, Sasa Crnobrnja moved to NYC after meeting his close compadre and In Flagranti partner Alex Gloor in Basel, Switzerland. Their disco-inspired label Codek Records continues to churn out dance-worthy groovers from artists like Freddie Mas, Flora & Fauna, and In Flagranti themselves. This month, Sasa lays down a just over an hour of forward thinking, synth-filled goodness including tunes from Paris’ I’m a Cliche imprint, a new release from Join Our Club’s Bird of Paradise, londonhousingtrust, and more. Tune in! Tracklist here.

“Spiritus Rector” marks the beginning of a fresh series of edits.

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Download free Aphex Twin remix (Rembert Tickle Me)

Aphex Twin remix of Rembert’ Tickle Me song.

Collected, a new anthology recently released on the Music Pour La Danse imprint, pulls together Ro Maron productions from 1988 to 1991 – a three-year window in which he released a staggering amount of music across a dizzying number of labels and pseudonyms, with esoteric and mysterious names like SM, Le Mystere, Sleep Walker, Agaric and Air Of Gloom. Optimo’s JD Twitch calls him “one of the top five users of a 303 of all time”. But Rembert De Smet, aka Ro Maron, remains little known outside of the relatively obscure genre of Belgian new beat. Ro Maron details five of his classic productions exclusively for FACT.

Musique Pour La Danse’s meaty double vinyl @45rpm inside out cover CD version included will be released to the stores in February.

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Full Length Video by Dreems (divvied up into four parts)

‘In’ Dreems Part 1

Self-described as both a “Cosmic Sherpa” and “Liberator of Tantric Avatars”, Australian producer Dreems has the imagination you long left behind for a desk job. His self-titled debut album is a bizarre, immersive record that rests within his own “pan-globo-sexual soulstyle” label, Multi Culti.

Dreems enlisted London artist Hans Lo to direct a full length video accompaniment to the entire album, divvied up into four parts. Lo’s futuristic style and fascination with the liquid light shows of the mid ’60s and early ’70s has turned Dreems album into a digitized enhancement.

Part 1 Tracklist:
1. Crossing Over
2. Gardens of Sand
3. Dreems Theme (You Are My)

‘In’ Dreems Part 2 Makes Him Your Cosmic Sherpa

The visuals for “In (Pt.2)” accompany the music with a psychedelic elegance―never overpowering the sounds with a visual narrative, yet flattering every beat. You can engage directly with the video or drift out of focus and still feel intoxicated by colour and pattern, which is perhaps the best part about it.

Part 2 Track list:
1. In the Jungle
2. Atlantis Moon
3. In the Desert (Album Version)

Video part 3 and 4 to follow

2x180g black vinyl version in a gatefold cover will be released to the stores in January. A download card will be enclosed with a unique code for WAV and mp3 versions of the album.

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Jimmy Edgar All Vinyl Mix

Travel To Techno Heaven With A New Mix From Jimmy Edgar.

Berlin expat techno guy Jimmy Edgar cut his teeth as a scrappy club kid in Detroit, and since then he’s weaved in and out of various genres—electro, funk, techno, straight-up house music—with ease. He’s the latest artist to contribute to London club institution Fabric’s Fabrliclive mix series, as his FABRICLIVE 79 sees release next week; to celebrate its imminent arrival, Edgar’s put together a half-hour mix spun entirely on wax. “This is my first all vinyl mix in a few years and 2015 I will be doing a lot more digging since Ultramajic is concentrating on vinyl,” Edgar told FADER in an email. (Ultramajic is his label, btw.) “For me, vinyl is a piece of history, a stamp in time that also changes with time. I find it fascinating going back to a physical format that has been played in so many different scenarios.” In depth thoughts via XLR8R on 2015 and what’s to come.

A brand new 12-inch vinyl package from Aden aka Machinedrum going by the name TANZ will be released to the stores in February.

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Joris Voorn Year Mix 2014

It’s not a collection of the year’s best tracks, sorry! There’s some real beautiful music in there though, and some tracks that I really enjoyed playing in many different occasions. It also turned out to be quite a dark. And finally, 2014 was a great year for techno!

Joris Voorn‘s chart-topping ‘Nobody Knows’ receives a fresh ‘Club’ treatment from Dutchman, who now looks to bring his stunning Album to worlds dancefloor’s. DJ friendly triple vinyl package features 8 new versions from Voorn will be released to the stores in February.

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