International Feel voted one of the ‘Top 10 most influential disco labels of the last decade’ by Mixmag

Born out of frustration in the middle of nowhere (Uruguay), responsible for bringing DJ Harvey back into the studio and famous for its curveballs (Adventure Party, Marcellus Pitman and Baldelli remixes). Mark Barrott now runs the label from his compound in Northern Ibiza, which, according to Harvey’s definition of Balearic Music (‘music made in the Balearic Islands’), makes him a true modern purveyor of the genre. Releasing eclectic nu-Balearic music with quality cover art, it’s at the forefront of the nu-Balearic movement, a scene of diggers mining library music, obscure b-movie soundtrack gems and for post-party meanderings. Check out the article on Mixmag here.

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Hand on a tablet, artist Frederik Jassogne danced to STUFF’s song “Axlotl” while drawing shapes, which he then set about animating: Watch

This Funky Music Video Was Danced into Existence

You might not have any idea of what you’re looking at in this music video for Belgian five-piece STUFF‘s track “Axlotl”—but no matter, because that’s all part of the fun. Plus, we’ll explain. The song itself is taken from STUFF’s latest, and second, album Old Dreams New Planets. An album that journeys across “broken hip-hop, electronica and jazz-influenced future funk.”

The video for “Axlotl” features abstract shapes jiving to the song’s snazzy, freeform, I’m-dancing-in-a-field-lost-in-an-MDMA-rush vibe. It’s made by Frederik Jassogne, a Belgian artist, film editor, and theater stage designer. The creative process of this video was featured on VICE – The creators. You can read the article here.

axlotl is taken from the second STUFF. album old dreams new planets that is out now on Sdban Ultra.

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Watch STUFF. perform for LeFto In Transit at KMSKA, Antwerp

Here’s a live session of the track ‘strata’ recorded by Kurt De Leijer for the last LeFtO – In Transit episode ; a five-part documentary series with Belgian DJ LeFtO, following him across the globe as he presents five different cities through the medium he knows best: underground music. (recorded inside a stripped down hall of Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen)

STUFF.’s new album, ‘old dreams, new planets’ is released on 28 April on Sdan Ultra


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Stroboscopic Artefacts Welcomes Lady Starlight

Starlight will debut on Lucy‘s Stroboscopic Artefacts with the Untitled EP.

The American DJ and performance artist is known to employ DJ tools, audio hardware, and her own body in live exhibitions and collaborations. Her intimate knowledge of techno (particularly the raw and uncompromising variety designed by the likes of Jeff Mills, Mike Banks, Joey Beltram and her collaborative partners Surgeon and Regis) has taken her to the studio, where she now provides Stroboscopic Artefacts with a 4-track contribution to this ongoing legacy of ecstasy.

Listen Unitled EP below, and check out RA feature here

Stroboscopic Artefacts will release Untitled EP on May 19th, 2017.


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All Vinyl Mix by Fred Kramer from Radio Martiko

His mix ‘Farhana’, ‘She’s happy’ in Arabic contains quite some oestrogen. It was original made to promote Radio Martiko‘s Japan tour late November 2016. This all vinyl mix include tracks from Abdou El Omari, Alfredito Valdez, Ansel Wyatt Combo, Kecem Kafi, Silvestre Montez Y Sus Guantanameros and more.

Abdou El Omari Nuits-trilogy LP#1 is out now, with LP#2 and LP#3 on February 13th and April 14th, 2017, respectively

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