Fireside Chat – Jeff Mills on Red Bull Radio

From the Motor City to the symphony—charting the unlikely course of techno through the story of one of its most celebrated founding fathers.

When recounting the history of Detroit techno, the figure of Jeff Mills looms large—for good reason—but his reach extends well beyond the Motor City. After getting his start on the radio as The Wizard on famed local station WJLB, Mills teamed up with Tony Sprock in the industrial-leaning Final Cut project, and then co-founded Underground Resistance alongside former Parliament bassist Mad Mike Banks. That legendary and fiercely independent outfit—which shunned interviews, performed in ski masks and black combat suits and also included a young Robert Hood—became an international sensation, but Mills was far from done. Striking out on his own, he formed the Axis label and began working as a solo artist, crafting a uniquely alien brand of sci-fi-inspired techno in the process. He also left Detroit, spending time in New York and Berlin before ultimately settling in Chicago. Throughout it all, he’s always sought to continue pushing techno forward, taking the music well beyond its usual club and festival settings by collaborating with symphony orchestras, scoring films and even holding down a residency at the Louvre museum. Now, more than three decades into his career, Mills stands as one of techno’s most respected figures, with listeners still marveling at his prolific nature, not to mention his fleet fingers and their utter mastery of the Roland TR-909 drum machine.


1. Jeff Mills – A Truth Revealed
2. Jeff Mills – Microbe
3. Jeff Mills – Saturn (Original Sketch)
4. Jeff Mills – The Believers
5. Jeff Mills – Gata
6. Jeff Mills – The Hunter
7. Jeff Mills – The Loss Of Power
8. Jeff Mills – Dream Mechanics
9. Jeff Mills – Forever And A Day
10. Jino, Ohno, Mitchell, Mills – Four Ways Of Knowing (Unreleased)
11. Millsart – Now Is The Time
12. Jeff Mills – Le Mer Et C’est Un Caractere
13. Jeff Mills – Jupiter

Axis will release Planets on April 7th, 2017

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Listen to Stuff.’s Strata

Strata is the first track from the second STUFF. album entitled old dreams new planets.

old dreams new planets features the Belgium based quintet at their finest. Hybrid drums and nervous synths fighting over who can claim the deep basses. It makes you doubt whether you’re at a rave or at a fusion jazz concert in some late 80’s basement. Strata really opens up just before halfway, when everything blends together and takes a unexpected melodic turn.

The music seems to want to leave the uncanny valley of half-human sounds, but the trip continues in a strange but fascinating concrete jungle. It never lets you get rid of the sense that it could all come to a grinding halt with every heartbeat. It’s a song that wears off your repeat button, but you won’t mind a bit.

old dreams new planets will be released April 28, 2017 on Sdban Ultra.

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In Flagranti to release mixtape cassette album

Swiss electronic duo, In Flagranti present their pre-internet-record-buying-phoneline-concept-album-come-mixtape ‘Sprezzatura’. A unique approach to their fourth album is also noticeable on the array of genres it spans, from disco, to electro, raw house, uplifting Balearica and even techno.

Sasa Crnobrnja of the duo said this on the project, “This album will be available as a mix on cassette with each track playing for a minute or two. You’re basically listening to it like a mixtape and in the same manner as the tapes from Disco Piu. You’ll be able to choose your favourite tracks from ‘Sprezzatura’ and buy the full versions as downloads.”

‘Sprezzatura’ is an Italian term defined in the Renaissance that means doing something extremely well without showing effort.

Taken from their new mixtape cassette album. Out April 14.

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Listen to Lucy’s rework of Luke Slater’s Surface Noise

Luke Slater a.k.a. Planetary Assault Systems will soon release The Light Years Reworks, a remix album featuring reworks of P.A.S material from Slater’s closest friends and collaborators, such as Function, Marcel Fengler, Lucy, Psyk, KSP, Octave One, Steve Bicknell, and SLAM.

Having already unleashed a considerable amount of collaborative magic with the Planetary Funk: 22 Light Years series of remix EPs, Luke Slater now steps forward with six full sides’ worth of material, all of them injecting the spirit of classic P.A.S. into new sonic organisms.

Using motifs from past P.A.S. successes, Luke Slater and his cohorts join here to make something “radical and revitalizing,” according to the label, who describe the album as “too cohesive for a “compilation album and with too much autonomy granted to the guest remixers to be a simple “tribute.”

Ahead of the album’s March 10 release, Lucy’s rework of “Surface Noise” is exclusively streamable below.

Mote Evolver will release Planetary Assault Systems – The Light Years Reworks on March 10 via 3×12.

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Hear Mark Barrott’s Balearic Ambient on Schopenhauer’s Garden

Mark Barrott’s commitment to the Balearic ideal is absolute. Since 2012, the Sheffield born musician has lived in Ibiza, where he runs his International Feel label, makes music in his living room, and DJs ambient sets at Hostal La Torre, a secluded inn perched atop rocky cliffs with an enviable view of the sunset. The venue is a metaphorical world away from the White Isle’s teeming superclubs and so is Barrott’s own music, which draws inspiration from a drowsily eclectic style made famous in the ‘80s by DJs like Jose Padilla and Alfredo Fiorito. His wafting synthesizer pads and gently plucked guitar conjure a simpler era, when Manuel Göttsching and Talk Talk were staples on the island’s turntables.

“Schopenhauer’s Garden” is clearly of a piece with Barrott’s discography, but something has subtly changed; the focus is sharper, the calm more pervasive. Atop a soft bed of pulsing synthesizers, a clean-toned electric guitar traces lazy circles in the air, recalling traces of Michael Rother, Tangerine Dream, and other kosmische artists that helped define the Balearic sound. Then, in the song’s second half, something unexpected appears: a keening soprano saxophone, which, even more surprisingly, actually sounds wonderful as it swoops and climbs in contrapuntal motion. A tinny pitter-pat burbles away in the background, and the sense of stillness is total. We may not all be lucky enough to live on an island; “Schopenhauer’s Garden,” at least, gives us license to visit whenever we wish.

Mark Barrott is putting out a new EP called Music For Presence on March 3rd.

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All Vinyl Mix by Fred Kramer from Radio Martiko

His mix ‘Farhana’, ‘She’s happy’ in Arabic contains quite some oestrogen. It was original made to promote Radio Martiko’s Japan tour late November 2016. This all vinyl mix include tracks from Abdou El Omari, Alfredito Valdez, Ansel Wyatt Combo, Kecem Kafi, Silvestre Montez Y Sus Guantanameros and more.

LP#2 in the Abdou El Omari Nuits-trilogy series out Feb 17th, 2017

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