Stephan Bodzin Makes His Essential Mix Debut

The two-hour session goes dark and heavy

German techno powerhouse Stephan Bodzin has delivered a massive set for his debut BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.

The 120 minute excursion is a progression of brooding down-tempo beats and wall clashing warehouse tracks. Featuring artists like Pan-Pot, Victor Ruiz, Mark Romboy and self-made originals, Bodzin holds nothing back in this representation of his signature style.

Hailing from Bremen, Stephan started his musical journey as a composer for a number of well-known European theaters. Soon after developing an immense infatuation with the underground nightlife scene, Stephan started creating is own flavor of techno and has since become one of the most influential characters in the genre’s development. His most recent release, ‘Powers of Ten’ was released through Bodzin’s own label, Herzblut Recordings.

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