Full Length Video by Dreems (divvied up into four parts)

‘In’ Dreems Part 1

Self-described as both a “Cosmic Sherpa” and “Liberator of Tantric Avatars”, Australian producer Dreems has the imagination you long left behind for a desk job. His self-titled debut album is a bizarre, immersive record that rests within his own “pan-globo-sexual soulstyle” label, Multi Culti.

Dreems enlisted London artist Hans Lo to direct a full length video accompaniment to the entire album, divvied up into four parts. Lo’s futuristic style and fascination with the liquid light shows of the mid ’60s and early ’70s has turned Dreems album into a digitized enhancement.

Part 1 Tracklist:
1. Crossing Over
2. Gardens of Sand
3. Dreems Theme (You Are My)

‘In’ Dreems Part 2 Makes Him Your Cosmic Sherpa

The visuals for “In (Pt.2)” accompany the music with a psychedelic elegance―never overpowering the sounds with a visual narrative, yet flattering every beat. You can engage directly with the video or drift out of focus and still feel intoxicated by colour and pattern, which is perhaps the best part about it.

Part 2 Track list:
1. In the Jungle
2. Atlantis Moon
3. In the Desert (Album Version)

Video part 3 and 4 to follow

2x180g black vinyl version in a gatefold cover will be released to the stores in January. A download card will be enclosed with a unique code for WAV and mp3 versions of the album.

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