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Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum crafted a guide to collaborating with other artists based on their experience as the duo JETS.

In our latest artist-led guide, pedigreed dance floor duo JETS sheds insight on what makes for a successful collaboration between two independent musicians. As members of a production pair themselves, JETS’ constituents—Ultramajic label boss Jimmy Edgar and Ninja Tune affiliate Machinedrum—have proven qualified to offer some helpful tips about how to combine sonic visions for maximum effect. Full story.

“When I got into computers, a lot of the programs that I really liked were based on modular synthesis. I didn’t really know what it was until I discovered that there’s hardware that you can plug in and out. When I discovered that I thought: ‘Wow, I really can make my own sounds!'” — JIMMY EDGAR feature, taken from Slices Issue 2-12.

Jets’ latest EP The Chant is out now on Ultramajic 

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