Bush Society + Free Track Giveaway by Mark Barrott

Mark Barrott​ has been quietly making waves under numerous aliases and releases on International Feel ​since inception, but has, since last year’s beautiful ‘S​ketches from an Island’ ​album, started working under his own name, creating a fine body of work.

‘B​ush Society’​ sees M​ark​ with a new sound that he wears well. Who knows how long he’ll stay here, but it’s a S​ketches ​lean on a different path. A melting pot of all that is making his world go round at the moment. A field recording from his time living in South America breathes ‘B​ush Society’​ into life, before the Goji drums and Brazilian percussion are joined by a four f​our groove and those Carl Craig e​sque strings.

The flipside, ‘S​aviours Or Savages’​ shows B​arrott ​in deep Ibiza mode again, leaning towards the S​ketches ​sound that was so adored last year by Balearic heads, music aficionados & new age crystal dwellers alike, but this time with a different twist. If you want to find the true melting pot of Balearic ​Beat currently, then this may well be one of the finest examples you are likely to hear. Pure mood music that made the island a worldwide force for thinkers and music makers alike.

International Feel by name. International Feel by nature.

here’s a alternate mix of Bush Society, offered as a free download:

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