Listen: New Hieroglyphic Being album

Listen to Hieroglyphic Being’s Qudaric Surfaces album, features score for abstract animation film.

“Off-world electronica at its most squiggly, relentless & primal” The Wire

”A sonic collection of sci-fi techno and kosmische psychedelia” Inverted Audio

“Hieroglyphic Being produces unique sounds (opening) up a wormhole from Cairo to Darmstadt to Chicago” A Closer Listen

“Quadric Surfaces collects the soundtracks Moss wrote for Parellel Spheres & Figures in Mynd, two parts of an abstract animation film by visual artist Gabriela González Rondon. The film premiered in October 2023 during Videodroom / Film Festival Ghent.

In her surreal and trippy gem of analog filmmaking Gonzales draws up whole universes of movement and color that seem to share a spiritual space with like-minded sci-fi writers such as Ursula K Le Guin or filmmaker John Whitney. The soundtrack for this dreamy experiment was provided by kindred soul and psychonaut Hieroglyphic Being.”

Edition of 500 copies on heavy-weight black vinyl. 45rpm for maximum sound quality.

Released February 16, 2024

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