First time vinyl reissue of Bernard Szajner’s 1980 electronic masterpiece

Including 5 previously unreleased tracks.

Legendary electronic auteur Bernard Szajner‘s 1980 LP Some Deaths Take Forever is being reissued on vinyl for the first time, this January via Cortizona.

Originally released on Pathé in 1980, the influence and the impact of Some Deaths Take Forever is still vibrating: Carl Craig mentioned it as his all time favorite album in Future Mag, the signature sound of Oneohtrix Point Never feels almost like a not so hidden tribute and the killer sci fi electronics of tracks Ressurector or A Kind Of Freedom resonates through the discography of Air and Daft Punk, to name a few.

The album’s first ever vinyl reissue will feature 5 previously unreleased tracks taken from the same recordings sessions, as well as liner notes by Karel Beer and John Olson.

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A1. Bernard Szajner – Welcome To Death Row
A2. Bernard Szajner – Ritual
A3. Bernard Szajner – Execute
B1. Bernard Szajner – Ressurector
B2. Bernard Szajner – Terms Of Reality (Radio Phase)
B3. Bernard Szajner – The MemoryB4. Bernard Szajner – New Body Form (Radio Phase)
B5. Bernard Szajner – Suspended Animation
B6. Bernard Szajner – The Difference Is Not All That Great (Radio Phase)
B7. Bernard Szajner – A Kind Of Freedom
C1. Bernard Szajner – A Single Broken Wing*
C2. Bernard Szajner – And Executed*
C3. Bernard Szajner – Thol Onsia*
D1. Bernard Szajner – Warden Plays*
D2. Bernard Szajner – Er Aera*

*previously unreleased tracks

Cortizona will release Some Deaths Take Forever January 21st, 2021.

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