First-ever vinyl outing for Patty Waters’s 1970 astonishing jazz album

First time release on vinyl of the breathtaking songs Patty Waters recorded with engineer Steve Atkins in 1970 at the Coast Recordings studio, together with the unreleased single My One And Only Love and a recorded live session at Lone Mountain College in 1974.

The album You Loved Me is the missing link between her two groundbreaking pioneering and highly acclaimed ESP-Disk records from the end of the 60’s and her post 90’s releases. The missing link between the radical ingenue of the 1960s and her late 90’s songs wherein she expressed the resolution of all of her life’s moments through mature readings of traditional songs and jazz standards. This collection aims to provide that missing link and to finally complete the picture of her storied recording career.

In what would have been her third LP, the You Loved Me album serves as the inverse of Patty’s debut. While her debut Sings concerned itself with themes of heartbreak, loneliness and yearning, there’s an abundance of love, joy and togetherness on You Loved Me.

Or in Patty’s own words:

“I was a young girl alone at age 19, I was longing for love and dreaming of how wonderful love could be”

On You Loved Me Patty Waters velvet voice captures this longing for love, straight from her soul to your heart. Crossing the border of the avant garde jazz entering a strange zone, somewhere between spiritual jazz, early folk vibes on the songs on the A-sides while the 14 minute composition ‘Touched By Rodin In A Paris Museum’ on the B-side is (dixit David Stubbs for Uncut in 2004) a brilliant extended showcase for the uneasy Cageian minimalism of her piano playing.

You Loved Me proves also again why Albert Ayler introduced her to ESP-Disk president Bernard Stollman, impressed Miles Davis, Pharoah Sanders and Henry Grimes with her concerts and can count Patti Smith and Yoko Ono (to name a few) amongst her fans.


A1. Patty Waters – I Love You Honey
A2. Patty Waters – At Last I Found You
A3. Patty Waters – Love Is The Warmth Of Togetherness
A4. Patty Waters – Please Make Love To Me
A5. Patty Waters – At Last I Know (I Belong To You)
A6. Patty Waters – My One And Onely Love*
A7. Patty Waters – My Man’s Gone Now
B1. Patty Waters – Touched By Rodin In A Paris Museum
B2. Patty Waters – Moon Don’t Come Up Tonight (Live At Lone Mountain College)
B3. Patty Waters – I Love You Honey (Live At Lone Mountain College)

*Previously unreleased

Cortizona will release You Loved Me on May 13th, 2022

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