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Antwerp-based composer and synth virtuoso Miaux presents her new album, Never Coming Back on VIERNULVIER Records. The record is rooted in the recent film score she composed for the surreal and haunted cult movie ‘Carnival of Souls’ (1962).

“An impeccably tuned ear” – The Wire

“Armed with a synth and devastating song writing skills, her music is minimal, melancholic and timeless, somewhere between Roedelius, Ruth White and electronic realisations of Baroque music” – Roope Eronen

“The general gloom MIAUX spreads on her sandwiches is darker than Tatort and could replace any soundtrack of a Fassbinder movie” – Dennis Tyfus

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A1. Too much current, too much sand
A2. Put your soul into it a little, ok?
A3. Thank you but I’m never coming back
B1. The old pavilion near the lake
B2. What’s the matter with everyone, why don’t they answer me?
B3. I have no desire for the close company of other people

Released June 21, 2024

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