DVS1 Reveals Next Mistress EPs by Anthony Rother

Next up on DVS1’s Mistress Recordings is Anthony Rother with Mistress 12 and Mistress 12.5, out April 19.

Mistress 12 features completely new electro and techno endeavors, including “Technic Electric” which DVS1 included on his Fabric 96 mix. The second 12″ is a re-release of Rother’s Datapunk classic “Back Home” and comes with new vocal-centered interpretations, a never-ending acapella loop, and two club edits by DVS1.

DVS1 connected with Rother after picking “Technic Electric” and then inviting him to do his electro live show on the release night at Fabric. “Once we personally had a chance to connect, the wheels were in motion for him to send over a collection of jams and tracks that he had not shared with anyone,” DVS1 recalls. “After listening, I quickly discovered more tracks that immediately stood out to me, and I knew I had to release this on Mistress.”

Mistress Recordings will release Mistress 12 and Mistress 12.5 on April 19th, 2019

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