As Morganistic, Luke Slater’s Fluids Amniotic get reissued on vinyl for the first time in 25 years.

As Morganistic, Luke Slater only released a handful of cuts-but among those was the album Fluids Amniotic, still widely praised today as a benchmark techno long-player. Slater unearthed the original DAT and reel-to-reel tapes and got them remastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis. Fluids Amniotic will get re-issued both on vinyl and digitally for the first time in 25 years.


A1. Morganistic – Bellows
A2. Morganistic – Soup
B1. Morganistic – It Makes It
B2. Morganistic – Crimes & Misdemeanours
C1. Morganistic – Leaf
C2. Morganistic – Marbles
D1. Morganistic – Let It Go
D2. Morganistic – Wonder

Mote Evolver will release Fluids Amniotic on November 27th, 2020

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