Watch The Video for “I’m Not Who You Think You are” by Millionaire

Hear hear, the first sign of life from Tim Vanhamel’s Millionaire: a single and music video for I’m Not Who You Think You Are . The track announces a forthcoming album called ‘Sciencing’, scheduled for release on the 19th May.

For the making of the video Millionaire appealed to Jonas Govaerts, director of the Flemish horror film Welp and the predecessor of Vanhamel as guitarist with The Hickey Underworld. He collaborated with animation wizard Jaak De Digitale, who is better-known for his visuals for Evil Superstars, Vermin Twins and Chrome Brulée. The video is made in the spirit of Blade Runner. In it, a girl (played by the Ghent photographer-cum-actress Stine Sampers) has a brilliant trip after she drinks a mysterious potion. “But”, Tim Vanhamel concludes, “as the song title suggests, not everything is what it seems.”

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