Breadwoman’s Anna Homler collaborates with Marcos Fernandes and Robert Montoya on new Luz Azul LP

Making left-field sound art with found toys, greeting cards and a potato slicer.

Breadwoman’s Anna Homler has collaborated with musicians Marcos Fernandes and Robert Montoya on a new self-titled album under their Luz Azul alias, released this March via Cortizona.

Comprised of unearthed recordings from 2008, Luz Azul sees Homler using a variety of squeaky objects, greeting cards, tiny metals and motors, and a potato slicer, while Fernande provides a backdrop of shamanistic percussion.

Visual artist and composer Tom Recchion provides suitably surreal liner notes: “on a trip to the Moon in a Gumby adventure Luz Azul takes off. … Clipping along into cosmic sludge they short circuit the landscape. Trees turn to metal and continue to grow with steel branches scraping and flicking against each other.”

Cortizona will release Luz Azul on March 20th, 2020

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